ADB Loans, Technical Assistance, and Assistance to Private Sector, June 2015 (International Market Insights)

This International Market Insight (IMI) is a compilation of development projects funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It is distributed monthly to alert U.S. firms to consulting and other procurement opportunities resulting from ADB loan projects, technical assistance (TA) and grants. In 2014, ADB provided $12.92 billion for loans, $405 million for grants and $159 million for TA. This IMI can be your firm’s link to these opportunities.
Expiration Date: 2017-06-26

Doing Business in El Salvador: Country Commercial Guide 2015

This is a complete guide for Doing Business in El Salvador for U.S. exporters of products and services.
Expiration Date: 2017-06-29

Doing Business in Honduras: Country Commercial Guide 2015

Doing Business in Honduras: Country Commercial Guide 2015
Expiration Date: 2017-07-16

Doing Business in El Salvador: Country Commercial Guide 2015

Doing Business in El Salvador: Country Commercial Guide 2015
Expiration Date: 2017-07-29

Peru Country Commercial Guide 2014

A guide for U.S. companies doing, or intending to do, business in Peru. Information on political and economic environment, best prospects, business travel, contacts, and other useful data.
Expiration Date: 2017-08-31

Peru: Renewable Energy Industry

A description of the market including market data, best prospects, main players, and opportunities.
Expiration Date: 2017-09-12

Mexico: Overview of the Motorcycle Industry

The market for motorcycles has shown a consistent and steady growth. Mexican consumers have explored other alternative transportation options to reduce commuting time especially in large cities where heavy traffic is delaying delivery of goods and people. In Mexico, motorcycles started with an increase in messenger and fast food delivery companies as a way to serve their clients faster. On a lesser scale, Mexicans may ride a motorcycle to commute to their jobs, and enjoy riding them during weekends or with a group of friends. Mexico is an evolving market that opens up business opportunities for U.S. exporters of motorcycles, parts, and accessories.
Expiration Date: 2017-09-22


UPCs are unique combination of parallel bars and spaces with an accompanying number that communicates data about a product in the American retailing system. UPCs have become crucial in standardizing millions of products across various manufacturing, distribution and retailing systems.
Expiration Date: 2017-09-23


With a land mass of almost 1.2 million square kilometers, which is over 10% of Canada’s land mass, the Northwest Territories has considerable transportation needs. Majority of N.W.T. roads are not up to the standards required to sustain existing, or facilitate future industrial development. Increasing industrial traffic has accelerated the deterioration of the highway system, resulting in the need for massive reconstruction and increased maintenance efforts.
Expiration Date: 2017-09-23


Canada and Florida are natural partners, perfectly complementing each other in so many different ways. For decades, resource-rich Canada has been supplying Florida’s booming economy and population with the prerequisites to sustain this strong growth, as well as with cutting-edge technologies and financial capital. In fact, Canada remains Florida’s #1 global economic partner.
Expiration Date: 2017-09-23